[Pre-Order CardFight Vanguard V-TB01 - BanG Dream! FILM LIVE]

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    • Includes 60 cards (5 VR, 5 RRR, 11 RR, 10 R, 29 C) + (30 SSR, 30 SP) Parallel + 7 SCR.
    • Introduces the "BanG Dream!" clan and Imaginary Gift:Force associated with it.
    • Introduces decks of the bands
      • "Poppin'Party",
      • "Afterglow",
      • "Pastel*Palettes",
      • "Roselia",
      • "Hello, Happy World!",
      • "RAISE A SUILEN".
    • Includes an exclusive Secret Pack where RAISE A SUILEN can only be obtained.
    • Each carton has guaranteed four or more Secret Packs.
    • Cards are signed by their characters for SP and by their voice actors for SSR.
    • Each pack includes a random holo version of any R and C.
    • Each display includes one of three promo cards at random and a serial code for Cardfight!! Vanguard ZERO.
      • Force I gift marker.
      • Force II gift marker.
    • The booster's slogan is "Our stage continues with Vanguard!".

          ENG 1 Box - RM160.00 MYR
          Eng 1 Caron (24 Boxes) - RM3,600.00 MYR

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