[Pre-Order CardFight Vanguard V-EB 15: Twinkle Melody Sneak Preview (ENG ONLY)]

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    • Includes 50 cards (1 LIR, 4 VR, 7 RRR, 8 RR, 13 R, 17 C) + 1 Marker card + 33 Parallel cards (1 ASR, 26 SP, 6 OCR).
      • Includes SP Clan Pack.
      • Includes SP with a swimwear design.
      • Introduces the rarity Original Costume Rare.
    • There are 44 new cards and 6 reprints.
    • Includes support for the Bermuda Triangle clan.
    • Includes support for the decks named "Riviere", "Coral", "Pacifica", "Highlander", and "Melody".
    • Each display includes a guaranteed RR Glittery Baby, Lene, along with one promo card among Top Idol, Aqua and Mermaid Idol, Sedna at random.
    • Each English edition display includes a bonus clan die.
    • The package illustration features Happiness Heart, Lupina.
    • The booster's slogan is "My twinkling self, will enchant you―.".

          ENG - RM550.00 MYR

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